Booking Producer

1. Telephone our sales department or make an appointment with one of our sales executives. Alternatively, you may send your enquiry by email. 

2. If the accommodation you require is on allocation, you will be advised immediately if the tours and dates you require are available. An appropriate group quotation will then be made. If we need to check availability with hotels, attraction and / or restaurants we will need to wait for their reply before issuing a quotation. You will receive confirmation or an update within 2 working days but will depend on the speed of the response from our supplier.

 3. After receiving the formal quotation please check that all details are correct and acceptable. Please sign and return the form to your relevant account manager. For private group requests a non-refundable £100.00 deposit is required to secure the booking. For tours and excursions a deposit may be required and will be specified on your quotation document.

 4. We will send you a full tour confirmation within 21 days. 

5. A pro-forma invoice will be issued 8 weeks in advance of your departure date. One copy of the invoice must be returned to us immediately, together with your provisional rooming list and payment. 

6. Where possible, passengers additional to those included on the provisional rooming list will be accommodated. A further invoice reflecting any changes will be issued 4 weeks prior to departure and must be settled by return. Any subsequent changes must be advised to us immediately they occur and a balancing invoice will be issued forthwith.

 7. With each final tour confirmation, we provide a travel pack which contains brochures of the hotels booked, guides and maps related to your tour destination. We will also include details of any attractions or areas that you wish to receive. We recommend that the travel pack is given to your coach driver / tour leader. You may also request such travel information prior to the issue of your final tour confirmation.

 8. Provison of accommodation for Coach drivers in residential breaks.Unless otherwise requested we will negotiate a free driver Place or room at hotels booked through Foxwood Travel. If there is a cost we will build into your quotation. Should you require an additional room for additional drivers or couriers please specify at time of booking request. Where free rooms are provided it is often based on agreed minimum numbers travelling for the group and therefore should your group size fall below 30 persons you may be asked to pay for the drivers room. 


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